Great Blue Heron



Symbolizes:  Change, Shift & Transition, Solitary Journey, Wisdom

Attributes:  Strength, Character & Perseverance

Sensations:  Wonder, inner joy, inner sadness, calm, warm, soft

Elements:  Air, Fire, &  Wood 

Great Blue Heron Reflections:

If one starts noticing Great Blue Herons or begins to actively seek them out this could signify a juncture in the road and the need for  new choices.  It reflects the slowing down of one’s walk for noticing habits and checking inwardly for conscious understanding and inner-connection.  It is the start of shifting gears and choose to do things differently.  Great Blue Herons signify emotional challenge and being present.  This Great Blue reminds us of the beauty and deepens the sweet sadness of grief, loss and moving beyond the old into new and unknown experiences.  

The Great Blue can be found sleeping during the day with head tucked under its wing, yet observant and keeping  watchful attention.  Their call is haunting, distinct and noticeable.  

The Great Blue Heron appears to support one on their solitary journey if ready to deepen inner connection.

 Great Douglas Fir

Mount Doug Park

Mount Doug Park

Companion Tree

  • Strong, renewal, new growth, support



Copyright 2014 – Living in Nature’s Love by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
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