Dyeing cotton using natural plant dyes

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP:  This post may contain Affiliate Links, thank you in advance for your support!  Renee

When the natural dye and material are both ready the material is added to the dye pot and left to sit for at least 12 hours. It can be left longer depending upon ones patience, time and energy!

The above material was left in the dye pot for about 16 hours.  Once removed it was lightly squeezed and hung to drip outside and then tumbled in a low heat.

The outcome is quite beautiful!

Many plants, leaves, stems, bark and roots can be used to make natural dyes.  It is as simple as adding to water!  It is the process of creating the dye and preparing the material that has more effort and takes time.

The four steps to dyeing naturally are:

  1.  Choose and gather the plant materials
  2. Prepare the dye from the flowers, leaves, stems or roots that you have chosen
  3. Choose and prepare the material to absorb the colour:
    1. Scour the material
    2. Mordant the material
  4. Combine the material and the natural dye