Staghorn Fern Garden Art

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP–Living in Natures Love Lifestyles


The Staghorn fern mounted in a wooden bowl is a housewarming gift for my son.  As soon as I held the Staghorn inside the bowl I knew it would be stunning.  It is!

This has been a fun way of creating with plants that is unique.  These ferns are native to southern regions of Mexico and they hang from the trees.  Similar to air plants n that they can grow without rooting into soil.  They have two types of leaves; a basil leaf and Staghorn leaves.  The basil leaf will grow over the root and attach the plant to the tree.  Read more on planting and enjoying Staghorn Ferns.

In the next set of pictures, these Staghorn Ferns have been combined with Succulents, Sedum, Barren Strawberries, Wandering Jew and Moss to create a hanging basket.  In the Greater Victoria Regions these baskets can be hung outside in Spring through to Fall except on colder days and evenings.  The Staghorn Fern does not like full sun and would do best in shaded areas.


  • Succulents (Sedum) symbolize enduring and timeless love, money and wealth, and peace and tranquility
  • Ferns symbolize eternal youth, good luck for new love, new beginnings and life, family and hope for future generations, and humility and sincerity

Each of these plants are more than house and garden features.  They can be used in remedies and teas for those interested in engaging in integrating a eco-lifestyle for health and well-being.  Read more on different plants at Flower Plants Page.  


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