Garden Responsibly

By Renee Lindstrom

Sunflower – Renee’s Oakland Garden

Create gardens that invite bees, butterfly’s and other helpful insects.  Learn to grow without harmful pesticides and fertilizers!

Build relationships with pollinators by:

  • Using Beeswax candles and using it in your own soothing skin products!
  •  Create homes for Mason Bee’s or start your own Bee trays. Become an Urban  Beekeeper!
  • Put out dishes of water or hot and dry days!
  • Plant flowers to attract bee’s

If you plant a Bee friendly garden, you will also attract other beautiful fliers such as humming birds and butterfly’s that will enhance your experience.  

Natural Pest Control

  • Learn what plants insects do not like to be around and companion plant.
  • Introduce healthy insects that will clear out the unwanted ones.
  • Create healthy plants that so they are not susceptible to insect attacks.