Living with Gemstones & Plants

Garden Plants  (link to index of edible, medicinal, cosmetic and more)

Lilac jelly

Lilac Jelly and Vinegar        Photo by Renee Lindstrom

Learn about plants growing in the Pacific Northwest to integrate them into your lifestyle to increase health and wellness.  The purpose is to encourage you in the following ways:

  1.  Consider exploring their own backyard as a resource for fresh super-foods.
  2.  Connect to the environment as a resource for supporting healthy relationships and lifestyles.   Imagine having a growing awareness of the significance of colour and the secret language of whats growing in your own garden!  Not to mention how each plant can contribute nutritionally and medicinally!
  3.  Tap into the living qualities of nature to enhance and simplify ones personal experience.

It’s novel, fun, energizing and one grows a tremendous respect and appreciation for what is growing around them.  

Gemstones (link to index of gemstones for inspiration, motivation and healing)


Gemstones     Photo by Renee Lindstrom



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