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May 21st, ’19 ~ News


‘Waning Moon until June!’

Best time to organize & de-clutter gardens, sheds, repair & clean tools or garden equipment.



Basic Principles of a Functioning Ecosystem:

  • An ecosystem is a natural unit consisting of all plants, animals and micro-organisms in an area functioning together with all of the non-living physical factors of the environment.

Humans are apart of the physical living ecosystem and can bring planetary balance and health when a larger portion of us integrate right brain experiences versus being led by those seeking answers through left brain pursuits for answers and solutions.  Right brain experiences are spacious and open taking in more of the surroundings including spirit of all things, while left brain experiences are isolated and usually singularity focused upon solutions.

Engaging your right-brain through a system of learning to somatically experience your sensations in the interactive parts of your lifestyle can have a huge impact personally and in the broader context of life on the planet.  Beginning to recognize interactive values of all part of living can stimulate and cultivate awareness in ones choices that could increase balance and harmony.  The left-brain can be strategy oriented using a habitual process of taking things for granted while the right brain is open and receptive to the full environment letting the choices emerge organically.

With this in mind we share personal mindful pathways to integrate and increasing functional ecosystems within and without.

Here are some ways to get started on a  connective healing journey of your own:.  


‘Indoor Gardening’

with fresh probiotics

This spring  we added Kefir to ways of ‘fermenting foods in  the kitchen.’  Integrating the culturing of Kefir grains in fresh milk  began as an exploration to satisfy our curiosity.  However the health benefit became obvious within a couple of weeks.    Anyone who has made their own Kombucha may be agreeable to describing it as an alive experience of sensations in the mouth.  Drinking fresh Kefir for us is a similar experience.  Drinking milk now seems dull without and aliveness.

We have since learned that this living probiotic continues to live in our guts unlike yogurt, which is transient and eliminated.  Physically the results have been easier and faster digestion and less hunger.  Portions size have been reduced along with no more snacks.  The most noticeable change has been an experience of more balance mentally and emotionally with increased clarity, alertness and direct action.   Not to mention the amazing results from infusing it in hair and skin conditioning.  Imagine putting an alive culture on your skin and scalp – two large body surfaces that absorb nutrients.

Start with making your own probiotic:

  • Kefir Starts-$5.00
    • 1 tablespoon of Milk Kefir Grains in 2 cups of milk
      • for pick-up – bring clean medium recycled jar

For pick-up call ahead to order – 250-361-7508

More on Kefir

  • Kombucha Scoby Starts-$5.00
    • 1 Scoby in jar with Kombucha liquid
      • for pick up – bring clean fat, large recycled jar (like Adams peanut butter)

For pick-up call ahead to order – 250-361-7508

More on Kombucha

  • No time to culture Kefir but want to try it for beautiful hair and skin conditioner?
    • Small, Medium & Large Jars of fresh Kefir-$2.00 per cup
      • for pick-up – bring clean medium recycled jar

More on Kefir for Hair & Skin

For pick-up call ahead to order – 250-361-7508

After creating a digestive aid that would include a source of iron using dock root infused with black-strap molasses I learned this remedy was considered a prebiotic.  A prebiotic feeds the probiotics in your gut and keeps them healthy! 

Imagine a food plan that is a process of feeding functions of the body, mind & spirit versus being a diet.  

with plants

  • Spider Plant Starts (#yyj outdoors for summer) -$2..00
    • small plant  for pick up
  • Jade Plant Starts (# yyj outdoors for summer)-$2.00
  • One Inch Plant (#yyj outdoors for summer)-$2.00
      • small plant for pick up

For pick-up call ahead to order – 250-361-7508

Outdoor Potting Shelf

Find ways of interacting creatively with plants in your space by learning how they can support your lifestyle beyond just for landscaping! Which ones are cosmetic, edible, medicinal, natural dyes & can make great infused teas and water.   

  • Veggies




Artichoke Starts – $2.00




For pick-up call ahead to order 250-361-7508

Flowering Plants, Shrubs & Trees  (click links to find out if  natural cosmetic, dye, edible, remedy or tea plant)




Potted Butter-bur – $3.00

Meaning:  Justice shall be done






Potted Crocsmia – Summer Flowers:  Small – $3.00, Large – $5.00

Meaning:  Feelings of Love






Potted Laburnum, sometimes called golden chain- Spring Flowers – $3.00







Potted Mullein – Summer Flowers: – $5.00




Nootka Rose



Potted Nooka Rose – Spring Flowers:  $5.00

Meaning:  Beauty, love, protection and grace



Sweet Limes


Potted Sweet Lime – Starts:  $3.00





Call ahead to order 250-361-7508


  • Chakra Essences

Colour infused 7 Chakra Essences



Chakra & Flower Essence Vibrational Health


For pick-up call ahead to order 250-361-7508

  • Plant Essences


Red & White Chestnut flowers & Solomon Seal Herb Essences


Acacia Tree, Arbutus Tree, Red Anemone, Angelica,  Purple Aster, Azalea Bush

Bamboo, Black Bamboo, Bergamot, Bergina, Bittersweet Nightshade, Blackberry , Bluebell, Borage, Broccoli, Buddleia Davidii (Butterfly Bush), Butterbur, Buttercup

Calendula, Camellia, Campion (Rose), Camus, Celandine (Lesser), Chamomile, Cherry Blossoms (Oriental), Chestnut (Red & White) Comfrey, Creeping Jenny, Crocus (Purple), Crocus (Yellow), Crocsmia, Current – Pacific Northwest Red, Cyclamen

Daffodil, Dandelion, Daisy (English), Daisy (Shasta), Dianthus, Dogwood, Evening Primrose

Feverfew, Fireball, Foxglove, Fuschia, Ginkgo, Gorse, Grape Hyacinth, Hairy Bittercress, Herb Robert , Hollyhock (red), Hydrangea

Laburnum, Ladies Mantle, Lilac, Lily (Day), Lily (Tiger), Lupin, Malva, Maple Tree – Red, Marigold, Menzie Larkspur, Mock Orange, Morning Glory

Narcissist Bulb, Nasturtium Vine, Oak Tree (Garry), Oregon Grape, Oxalis

Pansy, Paperwhite (Bulb), Pear Tree, Periwinkle, Petunia, Poppy (Oriental), Poppy (Wild), Privet Tree

Quince (Japanese), Rose (Nootka), Rosa (Pink), Rose (Alba), Rosemary (Herb), Rue

Saint Johns Wort, Salal, Salsify, Sedum, Shooting Star, Snowdrop, Spanish Moss, Strawberry – Barren, Tulip

Wild Violet, Yarrow

For pick-up call ahead to order 250-361-7508

Painted Wooden Finger Labyrinth’s

Chakra Journey through the Labyrinth


Chakra Painted Wooden Labyrinth – $18.00


Call ahead to order 250-361-7508




Medicinal Wheel Journey through the Labyrinth

Medicine Wheel Journey through the Labyrinth


Medicine Wheel Painted Wooden Labyrinth – $18.00


Call ahead to order 250-361-7508




I Ching / Bagua Journey through the Labyrinth

I Ching /Baqua Journey through the Labyrinth


I Ching – Baqua Painted Labyrinth – $18.00


Call ahead to order 250-361-7508




Sleep Sweet Sleep

Integrative Workbook for Mind, Body & Space Awareness – $12.00

Based on: Feldenkrais® Awareness through Movement®, InTouch Awareness through Interpretation & Mindful Environment Awareness

  • techniques to increase rest naturally
  • proven sleep support system
  • exercises for relaxation

Call ahead to order 250-361-7508

or find out about upcoming workshops


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