Infused Oils, Vinegar’s & Waters

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Infusing oil not only adds flavour and nutrition to kitchen recipes they can be used in medicinal remedies for common ailments, skin conditions and for hair remedies.  More that one oil can be combined in recipes for additional flavouring and in skin and hair products such as home-made soap, creams and salves!  It’s all in the creative ideas.

For kitchen oils ensure the plant materials are edible and separate your medicinal oil infusions that are not edible.

The steps for plant and oil infusions are the same regardless of which plant and oil you are trying.  Here are some garden plant ideas for infusing oil and links to their information:


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Infused Vinegar’s can add flavour to recipes and used in healing remedies to replace alcohol tinctures and for skin and hair.  Vinegar’s can be combined for flavours and for remedies.  Remember to separate out any edible and non-edible vinegar infusions when creating remedies.

The steps for vinegar infusions are the same regardless of which plant material one is using.  Some of the plants one can use from the garden are the same as the oil infusions listed above.

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Water is one of the best ways to infuse plant materials into it.  Plant materials can be fresh during the growing season or dried for off season times.  Whether you are structuring drinking water or steeping for teas try the different flavours of your edible plants.

Use the plant list in the oil or vinegar infusions to get started and try this out!  For structured water simply put fresh ingredients in fresh water and leave in the sun during the day to steep.


Structured Water Infusions:

Tumeric Water






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